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Rhosneigr Rainbow, 2022

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Signed, archival inkjet print

A small rainbow appears over the dunes, caravans and homes just south of Rhosneigr, Ynys Môn. 

I was having dinner with my family at a restaurant just outside Rhosneigr when I decided to stretch my legs in between courses. As I walked out to the balcony and leant on the railing I gazed out over the dunes. Turning to my left, I spotted this rainbow appear over a house. As I continued to take in the scene, two children, in red and yellow, picked their way into the dune grass. It’s not my children playing in the dunes, but it could be. Is the kind of thing they would do. Looking at it now, to me, it brings up feelings of hope, youth, play, and perhaps innocence. 

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